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2024, Cross-border, Update

Country Manual Credits

Russia Update 2024

BRP SA - Russian Federation , Moscow - Red Square – CM C
BRP SA – Russian – CM C

BRP has updated its Country Manual Credits for Russia – (Def, BT & RT)

Source of changesAnswers
Law / RegulationYes
New Position of the AuthoritiesNo
Evolution of Expert’s InterpretationNo

Regulatory Template

Material changes

The documents have been reviewed with our local counsel to ensure that the content of all the documents remains accurate and up to date.

Regarding the fundamental financial regulation, after consultation with our local counsel, we can confirm that no material changes have taken place.

Russian countersanctions remain dynamic. The Country Manual has been updated to reflect the status of Currency Regulation and Currency Control (“CCL”) as well as of countersanctions per end-May 2024.

The section on Russian data protection law has been updated and enriched with more detailed information.

Non-material changes

Some content has been reworded, without introducing material changes, to provide more clarity and reflect the current regulatory framework more accurately.

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Geneva, July 4th, 2024