Dealing with a regulatory inflation where an ever-increasing number of rules, recommendations, opinions, etc. are issued every day by an important number of actors such as regulators, supervisory authorities, courts and associations is a real challenge!

REGORA ®MONITORING, the realisation of BRP’s digital transformation journey, started in 2020

From regulation to digitalisation

In light of the growing challenges faced by banks and financial advisors, BRP Group offers digital solutions to cater for the changing cross-border regulatory environment

In partnership with the company Indigita, compliance is now simpler than ever!

E-learning by Indigita

Through immersive and engaging scenarios, learn the fundamental cross-border rules, how to behave according to codes of market conduct in securities trading regulation, or the specificities of the country you are active in

INAPP by Indigita

Thanks to its unique rule processing, inApp solves complex cases as easily as simple ones.

From multiple account holders to multiple participants from multiple locations and meetings in a third country – inApp has the answer to any kind of situation

API by Indigita

Connect any solution to the API and get a cross-border answer to your query

The API is able to digest specific contextual information and return the appropriate regulatory answer based on
Country Manuals