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Country Manual Tax – Austria – BRP Tax Update 2024

BRP Tax SA has updated its Country manual Tax for Austria (TCM, TIM, PEM, BT Short and Tax Brief)

The Country Manual has been reviewed together with our local counsels to ensure that the content of all the documents remains accurate and up to date. The few changes/modifications concern:

Tax Country Manual (TCM) and Tax Investment Manual (TIM) The chapter of Tax suitability for the direct line management of financial instruments is further developed with additional subsections on specific investment products.

Tax Private Equity Manual (PEM) The PEM is supplemented by an additional chapter containing the tax suitability rating for each type of investment in foreign countries.

Tax Behaviour Template (BT Short) The Tax Suitability Ratings in the Tax Behaviour Template is aligned with those contained in the TIM. This update is recommended if your subscription includes the digital solution.

Tax Brief The Tax Brief is a summary of the TIM and is updated with general information on the taxation on investment products.

Please access this new version on our Platform under the following search

Subscribed Tax ManualProductDocument
Tax Country Manual
Tax Investment Manual
Tax Private Equity Manual
Tax Memorandum
Tax Brief
Behaviour Template Short
Country Manual Tax
Country Manual Investment Tax
Country Manual Investment Tax
Country Manual Investment Tax
Country Manual Tax
Country Manual Investment Tax
CM InvTax RT
CM InvTax PE
CM InvTax Memo
CM InvTax BT Short

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Geneva, June 3rd, 2024