inEditor – Our New Cross-Border Content & Rules Management Platform

Nov 9, 2020 | PUBLICATION

inEditor – Innovative platform 


Dear Client,

We are proud to pre-announce the release of inEditor®, our New Cross-Border Content & Rules Management Platform.

What it is

inEditor is an innovative platform that handles all the functions involved in the creation and customisation of Country Manuals – from the writer to the publisher. With a user-friendly interface and an embedded Cross-Border Rule Engine, inEditor allows you to safely automate the entire process of Country Manual management and benefit from the immediate generation of documents allowing the merger and tailored composition of Country Manuals (Private Banking, Products, Credits). Any update and customisation are then automatically integrated, in real time, into the other digital platforms of Indigita (e-Learning, inApp, API).

How it works

inEditor does not require any integration and is an off-the-shelf web solution. You can access it from anywhere at any time, as it is Cloud-based and hosted in Switzerland.

By logging into inEditor, you get access to all the subscribed Country Manuals of BRP and can start your customisation process directly on the platform. The latter will ensure that consistency is kept across the manuals thanks to its embedded Cross-Border rule engine.

Release date

Developed by our subsidiary Indigita SA, inEditor has now been launched for the internal use of BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA with the objective to release it publicly in 2021. During the first half of 2021 inEditor will be limited to the Country Manuals Private Banking and by end of 2021 it is planned to cover the entire spectrum of the Country Manuals of BRP.

We take the opportunity to highlight that the launch of this new platform has an impact on all the updated Country Manuals in terms of versioning, layout, general structure and in some cases UX. For more details please refer to the attached technical documentation.

We also enclose the presentation on inEditor’s features and potential.

Should you have any questions about the platform or the above-mentioned changes, please contact us at